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Beijing shoot beautiful photo

Who says a film art is the patent of young people? This time, Beijing shunyi niulanshan town old people also catch back to fashion, take up art for free at the door.
Recently, the niulanshan town charity branch in the suburb of "Fu Zhao sunset" learning from Lei Feng charity help the aged activity, free town territory shooting photo of people over the age of 70, taking into account weather factors and mobility for the elderly, my town divided along principles of nearest, convenient shooting take focused shots. At the scene, old joys and happiness of my excitement, or gentle low eyebrow, or laugh through the lens to review past passions, freeze frost of love, recorded his "to see the Sun, for all his glory".
The art activities for older people not only recorded the beautiful moment in life and increase communication among the elderly, enrich their lives and inherit the fine traditions of the Chinese nation – the young. BACK