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The most beautiful "photo base" where am I? Yuhu scenic area

"August 30, China telecommunications" Yuhu scenic area comprehensive development and utilization (main dam strengthening height increase, area beautification, scenic leisure road transformation setting, facilities construction, vegetation and the multifunctional cultural setting). Now, scenic painting, flowers, surrounded by lush vegetation, natural scenery and colorful, Maoming area within the wedding industry reputation as the best "photo base".
Recently, Yuhu scenic area "photo base" ushered in a season of wedding photography. Recently to a pair of newlyweds shooting wedding photos, they will yujing scenic Green Island Hotel as home of the home, women who bring with them the bride, conveyed by air from the provinces yujing scenic Green Island Hotels, stay in advance. When Regis the next morning and goes home the bride from the Island Hotel send out, and, we along with the bride and groom come to Yuhu scenic area "photo base" attractions "sea Rock", made vows to the bride and groom such words, they are "sea Rock" front of ... ... Finally, they came to a large stone statue of the longzi front and tables with fairy forever forever change expression.
Through the efforts of builders of ancient reservoir, Yuhu scenic area of gaozhou reservoir will give full play to the water conservancy building, arts and crafts, garden layout, landscape design, love, photography, sculpture, decoration and overall effect of cultural policy, and rely on the art and science, water resources and ecological environment of art treatment, its cultural and ecological connotation can be vividly displayed. BACK